<Thank you for making a reservation from here!> 1, If your desired appointment time/date is within the next 8 hours, please call us directly. 2, If your desired appointment is tomorrow morning, please give us this message by 8PM tonight. 3, You can contact us via LINE and Facebook message too. Thank you very much!
<こちらのページからご予約をされる方へ>  1. 恐れ入りますが、ご予約希望日時が8時間以内の場合は各店舗に直接お電話くださいませ。 2. 翌朝にご予約を希望される場合は、前日の夜8時までに送信ください。3. ご記入は英語でお願い致します。4. また、LINEやFBメッセージからでもご連絡お待ちしております。

<Reservation >
Please show us the details as bellow in the message box.
1, Date ( Day/Month/Year )
2, Start time ( with AM or PM )
3, Number of group ( How many people in your group? )
4, Treatment names and length ( one by one, menu number is also OK )
5, Shop ( 33/1 Massage shop , 33/1 SPA shop, 39 shop or Silom3 shop )
6, Telephone number (+country number)
7. Therapist’s No. or name ( If you need. It will be costed 60B each time)
8. Any other requests ( If you have)

<Questions >
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anything.
Besides, we would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly give us your feedback to improve our services. Thank you very much!

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