Enzyme bath to take a warm bath with natural fermentation power of enzyme which is impotant for life activities. Wrap up with rice bran enzymes as it like a sand bath. The natural fermentation temperature heat is 60~70°C. Enzymatic heat will promises beauty and health to your body.


Price 料金

  Only 500B for your first time!  初回のみ500B

1 Time 950B
(Enzyme bath 15-20min. + Shower etc.30min)

Coupon ticket お得な回数券

3 Times 2,400B (1Time 800B)
8 Times 5,600B (1Time 700B)
16 Times 9,600B ( 1Time 600B)

Combo with Massage マッサージとのセット

Massage price + Enzyme bath (800B)

* Plus You can get 7% of the price back, using our point card!
* さらにスタンプカードでそれぞれ7%還元!

By warming from the core of the body, it promotes the flow of blood and encourages sweating. Cells are activated and immunity will be increased. Fatigue recovery, whole body stiffness can also get loosen.


Metabolism is activated by the penetration of components of the enzyme into the stratum corneum. Sweat including waste products is dischanged, and by bathing for 15 minutes, you will sweat as same as for two hours of marathon!


Effective for boost metabolism, beauty skin, whitening. It is very effective for rough skin, acne, rash, and constipation, etc.


Recommended for people who suffer with the following symptoms

●Sensitivity to Cold ●Shoulder Stiffness ●Back Pain ●Internal Organs Diseases ●Menstrual pain, menstrual Irregularity ●Menopausal Disorder ●Atopy ●Rheumatism Neuralgia ●Insomnia ●Chronic Fatigue etc. (Itis said to be effective for cancer cells that are vulnerable to heat)

●冷え性 ●肩こり ●腰痛 ●内臓疾患 ●生理痛、生理不順 ●更年期障害 ●アトピー ●リュウマチ ●神経痛 ●不眠症 ●慢性的な疲れ etc.(熱に弱いがん細胞にも有効と言われています)


Q1. How about hygiene? 衛生面はどうなっていますか?

The temperature is kept in around 60 degrees. It means our Enzyme bath is always under low temperature pasteurization. Bacteria can’t live in a place which is maintained over 60 degrees. During the 15 minutes of your bathing, you will sweat the same as 2 hours running. The sweat will be drawn away with rice bran that was in contact with your body when you get out of a tub.After you are out, we remove the used rice bran in the tub carefully and keep it at the pasteurization temperature more than 45 minutes before the next customer’s use of it. In this time the enzyme bath becomes clean again.


Q2. Why is the enzyme bath warm? どうして高温になるのですか?

Rice bran is a reservoir of nourishment for good microorganisms. Many beneficial microorganisms are cultivated in 100% rice bran enzyme bath. When microorganisms produce enzymes, the temperature of fermentation heats the bran. It is kept warm by a power of natural fermentation,not using an artificial heat source systems like gas or electricity. We use rich nourishment rice bran and mix it everyday to put aerate it for making a cozy place that microorganisms produce enzymes powerfully. We take good care of our enzyme bath and rice bran to ensure the best function and hygiene of the natural microorganisms.