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at ease GARDEN

Because of the spread of the Covid-19, a lot of people have changed their lifestyles and working styles and spent more time at home.

We have started a houseplant shop so that you can make your home more comfortable with greens.
Our plants are easy care houseplants and air purifying plants!

If you are a beginner of gardening, don’t worry!
We support your green life.

  • With plant care and watering tips.
  • With after-sales support.
  • Soil is for indoor use already.
  • Our plants are debugged.
  • We have pots, plates, stands, and fertilizers too.
  • We buy your plants when you move out of Bangkok.
  • Delivery service.
  • Gift wrapping.

Details on Instagram.
Feel free to contact us!

-If you do not have an Instagram account, you can contact us via other social media.
Please check the Book & Contact page.