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Welcome to our Farm

We have started this Farm because we wanted to make our herbal products with only non-chemical and excellent ingredients. Lemongrasses, Kaffir limes, Pandanuses, Tarmerics, Phlais, Butterfly peas are growing without any agricultural chemicals here.

We make our original herbal products such as Herbal teas, Herbal balls, Herbal hot pads in our workshop in this farm and send them to Bangkok.

There are the ruins of Sukhothai in our neighborhood. Our next goal is to establish a massage school and retreat center here in the future. They’ll help create local jobs and opportunities of education for having professional skills for people who live around here and these projects will be able to support your well-being and enhance your health too.


Is located about 90 mins of flight / 8 hrs of driving from Bangkok. The Thai state’s first capital Sukhothai - meaning “The Dawn of Happiness” - was established in 1238 and had prospered here with rich soil and abundant agricultural products.

As they focused on the spread of Buddhism, they built a lot of majestic temples and they were designated a UNESCO World Heritage.

Sukhothai is a very beautiful ancient city overwhelmed by the magnificent nature and ruins. Our herbal products are carefully made from Thai herbs that have grown in this fertile place. Enjoy our products while thinking about this beautiful land Sukotai.