Thai Traditional Massage

The rhythmic pressing and stretching stimulate energy lines
( called "sen") in the whole body. They arrange the condition of your body by promoting the flow of blood and lymph.
( We have removed some aggressive movements for the back bones.)
* Provided at these two shops:
Sukhumvit 33/1 MASSAGE
Sukhumvit 39 MASSAGE & SPA

* こちらの2店舗でご提供しております:
スクンビット 33/1マッサージ スクンビット39 マッサージ & スパ


Spa Treatments

Spa treatments provide a considerable amount of health enhancing benefits wile improving your skin condition.
You will feel that muscle tensions melt away under the expert hands.
We use thoughtfully selected products made with only the finest ingredients.
A Herbal ball compress, which has a long history in Thailand, is a must try treatment!
* Provided at these two shops:
Sukhumvit 33/1 SPA & ENZYME BATH Sukhumvit 39 MASSAGE & SPA

* こちらの2店舗でご提供しております:
スクンビット 33/1 スパ & 酵素風呂 スクンビット 39 マッサージ & スパ


Rice Bran Enzyme Bath

The first arrival in Bangkok. Once you are covered by a smooth, hot rice bran which is kept in around 63 degrees, you will fall into a deep relaxation. The warmth and enzymatic effects help boost your immune system and prevent life style diseases while enhancing your skin health.
* Provides at this shop:
Sukhumvit 33/1 SPA & ENZYME BATH

* こちらの店舗でご提供しております:
スクンビット 33/1 スパ & 酵素風呂

We offer precious relaxation time for you

1. Comfortable environment 快適な空間
Cleanliness and a relaxing atmosphere are vital
in order to get the most from your massage time.
Enjoy your treatment in a relaxing atmosphere created by soothing music,
a calming aroma and temperature controlled to meet your preference.


2. Reliable treatments 信頼の技術
All of our massage therapists receive regular training provided
by our full time specialists who are always on hand
to ensure that a consistently high standard of treatment is maintained.


3. Warm hospitality 心ありき
Our goal is to help you heal your physical and mental fatigue
through the use of our treatments.
We believe that providing an excellent service in a welcoming atmosphere
encourages relaxation and comfort for your body and mind.

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