㉑Herbal ball (Foot)+Foot massage・ハーバルボール(フット)+フットマッサージ

Stimulates a lot of energy lines ( called”Sen”) in your feet.A steamed herbal ball relieves your feet fatigue from deep inside your feet.


1.5Hr 850B / 2Hr 980B / 2.5Hr 1080B
㉒Herbal ball + Thai traditional massage・ハーバルボール + タイ古式マッサージ

A thai traditional therapy.The blend of herbs that is tied up in a cotton ball and steamed helps to relieve muscle and joint pain,increases blood circulation,nourishes the skin and leads you into a deep relaxation with the aroma.


1.5Hr 850B / 2Hr 980B / 2.5Hr 1,080B
㉓Pure oil massage・ピュアオイルマッサージ

Body massage with pure oil helps free up knotted and tight muscles.It also helps increases blood and lymphatic flow.Long gliding strokes with pure oil lead you into a deep relaxation.We selected good pure oils for the skin.


1Hr 750B / 1.5Hr 950B / 2Hr 1,150B
㉔Aroma oil massage・アロマオイルマッサージ

Body massage with aroma oil promotes deep relaxation and nourishes your skin.You have a choice from 3 special aroma oils.


1Hr 850B / 1.5Hr 1,050B / 2Hr 1,250B
㉕Body scrub・ボディースクラブ

Removes dead skin cells,shrinks pores and moisturizes the skin.You have a choice from our 3 selected scrub creams.Your skin will be smooth and nourished.


1Hr 950B
㉖Herbal ball + Aroma oil massage・ハーバルボール + アロマオイルマッサージ

The combo of Herbal ball and Body massage with Aroma oil promotes your blood and lymphatic circulation.Also it increases a deep relaxation with natural herbal aroma.


1,5Hr 1,250B / 2Hr 1,450B / 2.5Hr 1,650B
㉗Aroma oil massage + Body scrub・アロマオイルマッサージ + ボディースクラブ

The combo of Body massage with aroma oil and Body scrub.This long time treatment offers you a precious relaxation time as well as removes your fatigue and transforms your skin.Also it promotes your blood and lymphatic circulation.You can refresh,relax and recharge.


2Hr 1,600B / 2.5Hr 1,850B / 3Hr 2,100B
㉘Herbal Ball + Aroma oil massage + Body scrub・ハーバルボール+アロマオイルマッサージ + ボディースクラブ

Added Herbal Ball to the above No.27 treatment.Steamed natural herb effects go into your skin and increase relaxation.


2.5Hr 2,100B / 3Hr 2,350B
㉙Original facial massage・オリジナルフェイシャルマッサージ

A special our original facial massage that have made adjusts to Korean Golgi facial massage.Our therapy is not too strange as Traditional Golgi massage,but it has great effects of reducing fatigue of your head,around your eyes and facial swelling.It also helps to soothe the scalp and relieve tension making you feel refreshed and alert.


1Hr 950B
㉚Original facial “SODA FOAM” course・オリジナルフェイシャル炭酸フォームコース

Added a Special soda foam pack to Original facial massage (above No.29).Rich soda foam removes dirts from pores and skin.Also it increases blood flow and optimizes skin moisture.For people who want to get a facial treatment of both massage and beauty skin.


1Hr 1,200B